The XPD Presentation

Off the shelf mobile data collection and cloud analysis solutions

Explain the problem you're solving?

Significant numbers of companies offer products and services, which allow customers the ability to run test (allergy, gas testing, and many more) in their own environment. However, collecting, recording, and sharing this information is often weak or non-existent, relying on localised record collection, and maintenance. This results in; poor quality, insecure, and often uncoordinated data sources. Further opportunities exist in providing the opportunity to centrally aggregate and analyse valuable sources of data, and information. While these inefficiencies are wasteful, but not critical to organisation, legislation in many of these areas is tightening, which is challenging companies who need to meet these higher standards, to stay in business. These businesses often do not have the scale to develop and maintain increasingly sophisticated solutions, which provide high quality data collection and maintenance, and affordable and flexible costs.

Describe the solution you provide.

Mobile Applications and Cloud resources that enable data capture, storage and complex analysis

How do you make or plan to make money?

Sales of apps

Design support services

Subscription services; Central analysis, Central record keeping, and retrieval tools

Advanced analysis tools

What solutions do customers use right now instead of yours?

Manual locally held records, paper, local databases

Desktop PC based tools (DB, Word, Excel)

Complex apps designed around Lab testing solutions (LIMS)

What have you done so far?

Developed a mobile application on the iOS platform in conjunction with an initial Allergy testing client, app will me released to client, customer base in the near future (within 60 days).

Mapped and designed wider service model beyond application, to include central services

Investigated extended technical options that could support sophisticated analysis, beyond local tools

Who's your competitor?

Other application and cloud providers

Established LIMS system producers

New entrants to the market as the barriers to entry low to medium

However, rapid expansion through the acquisition of clients, and the licensing of the solutions, and unique development and integration with technically advanced sensors and analytical tools, could offer mid term defence against competition.

Describe your team

Tim Hancock- Product innovator for a number of blue chip software and consulting organisations, along with a track record working in Pharma, Finance sector around big data and regulated environment, in EMEA, and the US. Tim has been part of a number of start-ups that have successfully navigated IPOs and gone on to grow to over $9 billion market capitalisation.

Philip Warner - Founder and MD of growing digital media agency Prestige Digital. A respected and highly dynamic organisation that has worked with blue chip clients, such as Porsche, Sunseeker, British Telecom, Diageo. Philip has been involved in technology and digital media since 1997 and has been involved in several start-up businesses.

David Marc Anthony -

Jonny Miles - Head of GUI

Marko Miljus - Head of Technical

Has your team done something before?

Each member of the team has been involved in starting companies, providing services to global brands, and developing products.

Tim and Phil are working together currently on growing a successful Digital Media company that services a number of blue chip clients, and has successfully spun off products for several million pounds.

Tim is a highly respected member of the Technology community and regulary hold talks on emerging trends. Phil is also a trusted source for emerging online products and creative solutions.